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Chicago Conference Speakers/Workshops

Stories of Advocacy and Staying Power Para La Gente inside Child Welfare


Social Work in Healthcare: Advancing the Right to Health for Hispanic Immigrants

Speakers: Eden Hernández Robles, PhD, MSW and Leslie Salazar-Hinojosa, LMSW

Envisioning post-pandemic recovery for Latinx migrant youth

Speakers: Yesenia Perez, LCSW, LCADC, Ansirys Alviz, LCSW

Best practices to support and empower Latinx families
with disabilities.


Mary Kay Heldman, LISW-W

James Calahan, MSW

El Respeto Al Derecho Ajeno [A Conseguir Una Doctorado] Es La Paz. Respect for The Rights of Others [To Get A Phd] is Peace.

Speakers: Nicolaus Espitia, PhD and Panelists (Will add once confirmed)

Latine International Social Work Collaborations: Guatemalan Gender Equity and Indigenous Human Rights

Speakers: Ausirys Alvis, MSW, LCSW, DSW Student, Maria Panjoj Salvador, , Archie Contreras

The Right to Language Access: Servicing our Spanish-speaking

Speaker: Vania Buck, MSW

Using Historic Memory to Defend Current Human Rights and Promote Social Justice.

Speakers: Michael Berghoef, PhD and Cruz Morales

Equipping Social Workers: A Comprehensive Understanding of HIV/AIDS and Patient-Centered Care

Speaker: Javier Segovia, LCSW-S

Leslie Hinajosa, LMSW

La Cultura Cura: Bridging Cultures and Strengthening School Communities

Speaker: Charo Mendoza, LCSW

Salud emocional para hombres migrantes: A support group curriculum for Latino migrant men

Speaker: Francisco J. Lozornio, DSW,, Erikson Institute Social Work

Empowering Latinx in perinatal social work via decolonized, historical, individualized approaches.

Speakers: Gloria Arroyo  Sugg, LCSW and Xavier Ramirez, LCSW

Luchando Junt@s: A call to Action - Leveraging Support Groups for Community Healing

Speaker: Cheryl Aguilar, LCSW

Protect Your License (PYL): Time to No Longer Trust Mainstream SW Organizations. 

Adrian L. Delgado, LCSW, CADC

Reunidos: Integrating Culturally Relevant
Practices Through Peer Support

Speaker: Roberto Godinez, LCSW

LSWO Higher Education Workshops

Speakers:  Faculty provide several workshops during the conference focused on succeeding in Social Work Programs.

Child-Centered Play Therapy: Human Rights, Latino Community, Cultural Competence

Speakers: Zulmarie Hernandez, EdD in Counselling, LMSW

Paul Fericelli, Phd Candidate

LSWO Oaxaca Initiative:  Panel discussion on the 2024 Symposium, outcomes, and future Symposiums

Adriana Gonzalez-Sandrolini, LCSW, CADC

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